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Aerial view of the Toys R Us distribution center, Mt. Olive, NJ - 22 July 2017

Solar Lead Generation & Remote Prospecting


Smart Solar with Recent Aerial Maps

Scan entire neighborhoods in minutes for solar lead generation.
Qualify and estimate solar leads remotely, and with greater precision.

Qualify Prospects in Real Time

On a call? Instantly access their aerial property view and verify unique features. You’ve connected. Now click through historical imagery to reveal shadowing and qualify them now, on the call, without delay.
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Detect the Finest Roof Details

Accurately identify vents, skylights, or other obstructions with the best aerial maps online. Reduce your risk and costs with fewer on-site inspections. See areas recently captured

Don’t Be Afraid of the Shadows

With multiple aerial surveys per year, show a clear view of shadowing and projected output over time. Increase accuracy beyond the most recent satellite images, and stand apart from your competition. Watch our on-demand webinar

PV Design with Confidence

Your aerial solar plans optimize panel choice and placement. Know that your remote roof measurements match on-roof conditions when it’s time to install. Learn more about Nearmap products

Stunning Proposals Close the Sale

Visualize and share end results in vivid color. With resolution exceeding even the best HD satellite map, your winning designs come to life and earn business.

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Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools
Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools

Case Study

Case Study: Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar

Increased rate and accuracy of qualifying Solar prospects by 2X with timely high-resolution imagery
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Home with solar roofing


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Momentum Solar

What our customers are saying

With Nearmap, all the necessary information is in one easy-to-use program. We can decide if the property is suitable for solar within two to three minutes. The high-resolution captures reveal roof space, shading, and any obstructions so we can make accurate, timely assessments.

— James Kennedy, Program Manager, Sales Proposal Development, MOMENTUM SOLAR
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On-site Apple iPad verification within MapBrowser with Nearmap Aerial Imagery


View a current HD aerial map of your project.

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