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  • Nearmap Aerial Imagery Helps Auric Solar Shine Brighter, Saving Time, Money and Winning Business

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  • Aerial Imagery Helps Areas Impacted By Hurricane Florence

  • When Seconds Count, Shelby County 9-1-1 Counts on Nearmap's Aerial Imagery

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  • How Aerial Imagery Has Improved AEC Workflows

New MapBrowser provides roof-pitch, height, width and area tools to help companies measure rooftops and structures without onsite inspections; gives ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Aerial Mapping, Current Imagery, Environmental Impact, Advanced Technologies, Featured, technology, roofs, Remote Access, Roofing, Solar Power, Solar

Greentech Media highlights Nearmap's HD aerial imagery and its impact on today's solar industry.  It's a well known fact that errors in quoting and ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Aerial Mapping, Current Imagery, Featured, Solar Power, Solar

Momentum Solar now able to qualify potential solar customers more quickly and reduce proposal lead time by using Nearmap’s high-resolution aerial ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Current Imagery, Image Clarity, Image Frequency, Image Resolution, Virtual Site Visits, Remote Prospecting, Project Verification, Remote Measurement, Solar, Solar Power, Roofing, Estimate Accuracy

Forbes: High-Res View of Florida Solar Growth

Posted by Nearmap US on Mar 21, 2016 06:40:21 PM

Check out Nearmap’s high-resolution imagery used to illustrate an article in Forbes Magazine about innovations in the Florida‪ Solar Industry. Read More

Topics: Solar, Aerial Imagery, County Government, Aerial Landmarks, Image Clarity, Image Resolution, Energy, Environmental Impact, Solar Power, Green Energy

The Motley Fool: Mickey Goes Solar

Posted by Nearmap US on Mar 21, 2016 06:33:01 PM

The Motley Fool has posted an article about The Walt Disney Company's use of Solar Power using Nearmap's high-resolution imagery. Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Iconic Imagery, Image Clarity, Image Resolution, Energy, Aerial Landmarks, Environmental Impact, Solar Power, Solar, Green Energy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --- Nearmap, provider of frequently updated, high-resolution aerial imagery and Folsom Labs, provider of sales & engineering ... Read More

Topics: Solar, Remote Measurement, Estimate Accuracy, Image Clarity, GIS/CAD Integration, Measurement Accuracy, Ease of Use, Increased Productivity, Remote Prospecting, Technical Innovation, Solar Power, Green Energy

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