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  • Nearmap Aerial Imagery Helps Auric Solar Shine Brighter, Saving Time, Money and Winning Business

  • Post-Hurricane Michael Aerial Imagery to Aid in Cleanup and Recovery Efforts

  • Introducing Roof Pitch and Area Tools for Solar and Roofing

  • Aerial Imagery Helps Areas Impacted By Hurricane Florence

  • When Seconds Count, Shelby County 9-1-1 Counts on Nearmap's Aerial Imagery

  • Durham, NC Public Works Uses Nearmap to Manage Massive City Growth

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  • HD Aerial Imagery Helps Landscapers Maintain Competitive Edge

  • The Impact of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery on Solar Change Orders

  • How Aerial Imagery Has Improved AEC Workflows

Aerial Maps: Cornerstone for Today's Masonry

Posted by Tim Frank on May 10, 2018 02:40:44 PM

Masonry Magazine explains how high-definition aerial imagery has become an essential building block for mason contractors Back when the ancient ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Aerial Mapping, Current Imagery, Commercial Construction, Construction, Home Builders, Historical Imagery, Advanced Technologies, Civil Engineering, Featured

High Quality Aerial Maps Drive Today's Designs

Posted by Tim Frank on Mar 19, 2018 01:45:54 PM

POB Magazine highlights increasing need for high-res aerial images & visualizations in the engineering design lifecycle.  In POB Magazine's recent ... Read More

Topics: Current Imagery, Aerial Imagery, Image Resolution, Image Frequency, Aerial Mapping, Technical Innovation, satellite images, GIS/CAD Integration, Civil Engineering, Virtual Site Visits, Commercial Construction, Image Clarity

NEORSD delivers faster customer service, more accurate stormwater billing and more enhanced stormwater problem assessment with the help of Nearmap ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Remote Measurement, Aerial Mapping, Civil Engineering, GIS/CAD Integration, Estimate Accuracy, Esri, GIS, ArcGIS, Public Utilities, Virtual Site Visits, Risk Mitigation, City Government, Roofing, Environmental Impact

High-resolution aerial imagery used for new map-based field application helps increase the number of paving projects Lindy Paving conducts each ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Streets & Paving, Commercial Construction, Construction, Remote Measurement, Aerial Mapping, Civil Engineering, GIS/CAD Integration, Estimate Accuracy, Transportation, Esri, GIS, ArcGIS

ENR Emphasizes Need for Aerial Imagery

Posted by Tim Frank on Feb 3, 2017 02:23:11 PM

Fixed-wing Aerial Imaging Playing an Important Role for Engineers In his latest article about fixed-wing aerial imaging services, ENR editor Tom ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Current Imagery, Historical Imagery, Image Clarity, Image Frequency, Image Resolution, Civil Engineering, Site Planning, Transportation

High-resolution, frequently updated Nearmap imagery helps Mike Stone Associates reduce on-site visits, take measurements and examine properties with ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, Civil Engineering, Measurement Accuracy, Estimate Accuracy, Esri, GIS, GIS/CAD Integration, ArcGIS, Maintenance, Increased Productivity, Current Imagery, Transportation, City Government, County Government

Aerial Views of Construction Sites from Start to Finish Jennifer DeLaOsa from ECN recently published “Aerial Views of Construction Sites from Start ... Read More

Topics: Commercial Construction, Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Imagery, Project Verification, Site Planning, Urban Planning, Assessment, Land Development, Architecture, Appraisal

Nearmap explains how businesses can transform the way they work on Good4Utah TV Nearmap Vice President of Marketing, Tony Agresta, recently spoke ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, City Government, County Government, Commercial Construction, Civil Engineering, Technical Innovation, Virtual Site Visits, Current Imagery, Ease of Use, Increased Productivity

ENR.com: Technology Today IV

Posted by Tony Agresta on Nov 7, 2016 07:07:34 PM

The Real-Time Advantage of Location-Based Imagery Location-aware content applications are now an integral part of mobile devices, information kiosks ... Read More

Topics: Aerial Imagery, City Government, Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Transportation, County Government, Land Development, Aerial Mapping, Ease of Use, Increased Productivity, GIS/CAD Integration, Advanced Technologies, Technical Innovation, Mobile Device Support

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