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Choosing a Location for Innovation

Posted by Tim Frank on Mar 20, 2017 1:49:17 PM
Tim Frank

Silicon Slopes magazine highlights location of Nearmap's U.S. headquarters for climate of innovation and entrepreneurship

In the Spring 2017 issue of Silicon Slopes (page 56), Tony Agresta, VP of Marketing for Nearmap, discusses why the rapidly growing tech company chose South Jordan, Utah as the location of its U.S. headquarters. For a company specializing in location content delivered via high-resolution aerial PhotoMaps™, location literally is everything.

In this department, Utah's Ogden-Salt Lake-Provo corridor (commonly referred to as "Silicon Slopes") offers several amenities that were attractive to Nearmap. For example, the area boasts five notable universities in close proximity, a tech-trained workforce, a culture of commitment, and welcoming business climate—all of which align closely to Nearmap's values.

High-resolution PhotoMaps™ of construction of office building along "Silicon Slopes" corridor in Salt Lake City, Utah from Apr. to Aug. 2016.
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In contrast to other technology hotbeds such as Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York City, Nearmap noted Salt Lake City's affordable cost of living, tax incentives, startup incubators, and convenient mass transit.

Nearmap captures, manages, and delivers frequently updated high-resolution aerial imagery. Instant access to Nearmap's cloud-based PhotoMaps™ helps businesses make smarter decisions, deploy resources more efficiently, and minimize the time and risk of sending people, equipment, and vehicles on-site.

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