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Landscapers See Things Differently With High-Res Aerial Imagery

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Total Landscape Care showcases how Nearmap's High-Res aerial imagery is a must-have for landscapers digital toolboxes. 

When it comes down to a matter of minutes and inches, high-res aerial imagery is helping landscapers respond to bids faster and more accurately. Being able to see the whole picture, literally, landscapers are able to save time and money by using instantly accessible high-res cloud-based imagery to view a prospects property, all without having to incur costs for site visits.

Total Landscape Care recently highlighted how Nearmap's high-res aerial imagery is impacting how landscaping measurements and bids are being accomplished. Utilizing Nearmap's MapBrowser solution, users can access the full U.S. data set of imagery, including historical captures. The imagery provides both a top-down view (Vertical) and the ability to have a multi-perspective view (Oblique) from each cardinal direction. The variations in perspective allow landscapers to not only measure surface areas, but also the ability to measure the height of shrubs, trees and other vertical growth elements - creating a true from the ground up estimate. MapBrowser offers more than built-in measurement tools, an image can also have text labels and other layered elements, which can all be exported for use in other industry applications.

oblique-aerial-image-with-measurements-feb27-2018Oblique aerial image of backyard with height measurements in MapBrowser.

With the various perspectives offered in Nearmap's MapBrowser, the ability to have panoramic views of a given area, landscapers are now able to pan and zoom to see potential prospect properties to enhance their marketing efforts. A split-screen view allows the user to see a more modern view compared to an archived view all in the same window - showing progression, or regression, of areas and how the landscapers suite of services could be offered.

video-nearmap-vertical-splitviewVertical aerial image of property showing different date captures in MapBrowser

...estimate a job for fertilization or new sod installation or even other aspects of landscaping, maybe I’m going to be planting trees or shrubs, all of that you can draw measurements directly onto the imagery that are accurate within inches. You could then use those measurements to estimate, bid and quote that without ever sending vehicles and your workforce on site."

 Read the full article on Total Landscape Care.

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