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HD Aerial Imagery Helps Landscapers Maintain Competitive Edge

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Landscape Online highlights Nearmap's HD aerial imagery and its impact on today's landscape industry. 

Architects and landscapers deal with plenty of daily challenges while trying to complete projects. There's the lengthy commute to job sites, vehicle costs, safety factors, and communications with clients that all play an important part of winning and maintaining business. Speed and technology are two factors that make a notable difference in this field. In many cases, technology alone enables business to boost productivity and operate more efficiently.

Nearmap is among the technologies making a dramatic impact, providing landscapers with instant access to high-def aerial maps that allow them to accurately measure entire properties all from the comfort of their desk.

With high-resolution imagery, ...landscape architects are now able to effectively and accurately view the entire piece of property from the convenience of their computer. Users can pinpoint locations such as sewer lines and utility holes, determine the native vegetation, measure the height of trees, calculate square footage and even identify possible flooding patterns, all without spending hours traveling to, and measuring, the location."

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High-resolution vertical view of residential property in Nearmap's MapBrowser.

Satellite imagery has a reputation of being outdated. Nearmap captures specific locations anywhere from two to three times a year, and shows users vertical and multi-perspective views of locations during different seasons. This helps users see projects in both "leaf-off" and "leaf-on" conditions.

One of the most difficult aspects of satellite imagery is trying to determine between hard and softscapes for a project. Yes, green grass is pretty easily identifiable, but it often becomes difficult to discern between the top of a shingled gazebo and a round trampoline. Extracting accurate measurements for a property, while not exactly knowing whether that circle is a permanent structure or a moveable object, can be frustrating."

Oblique aerial image of backyard with height measurements in MapBrowser.

 Read the full article on Landscape Online.

See your project in Nearmap

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Nearmap PhotoMaps™ are consistently 2.8” GSD—which is typically several times sharper than satellite images—giving you unrivaled clarity, precision and detail.

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Whether you're viewing orthoimagery or oblique aerial views, Nearmap's cloud-based PhotoMaps™ give you instant access to consistent, high quality aerial imagery with spectacular detail.

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And frequently updated, too. Nearmap captures the urban US multiple times per year, and new aerial images are processed and streamed to the cloud within days. Get instant access to all current imagery and historical aerials, precisely georeferenced to show you truth over time.

View incredible detail with our high resolution aerial maps. Satellite images are often blurred by weather or the atmosphere. Nearmap captures leaf-off and leaf-on aerial photos year round under the best possible conditions.

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