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Forbes Touts Nearmap's "Customer-led Innovation"

Posted by Tim Frank on Feb 1, 2017 12:25:57 PM
Tim Frank

Larry Myler, contributing editor of Forbes Digital recently published "Customercentricity: A Big Word That's Even More Strategic Than It's 18 Letters Indicate". In the article, Myler cites Nearmap as an example of an organization that embraces a customer-led approach to innovation. He also addresses the need for successful B2B sales strategies to focus on helping clients achieve a stronger bottom line. They do this by reducing clients' costs and boosting their sales. Nearmap is leading this charge with its frequently updated, high-resolution PhotoMaps™, which allow commercial businesses such as roofing, paving, and construction to target and estimate client work without sending employees and equipment on-site.

High-resolution PhotoMaps™ of AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX, January 2017.
AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX - Jan. 2017

Nearmap Senior Vice President and General Manager North America, Patrick Quigley, described Nearmap's customer-centric approach in delivering its cloud-based, imagery-as-a-service. “Satellite imagery often lacks the resolution needed by commercial and government users, and the rate of image renewal in a given geography is too infrequent to be practical. The unmet needs of the market gave birth to our company. It is wonderful how our customers always seem to know what we need to do next.”

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