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ENR Emphasizes Need for Aerial Imagery

Posted by Tim Frank on Feb 3, 2017 6:23:11 AM
Tim Frank

Fixed-wing Aerial Imaging Playing an Important Role for Engineers

In his latest article about fixed-wing aerial imaging services, ENR editor Tom Sawyer discusses why high-resolution aerial imagery is filling a critical need for engineering professionals. Aerial imagery services such as Nearmap overcome obstacles inherent in other imagery sources. For example, drone imaging isn't a practical option for large areas of land, prohibited areas such as airports, and dense urban areas. Moreover, it involves a lengthy and often complex process to geo-reference, host, and maintain the imagery.

In contrast, instant access to high-resolution aerial imagery gives engineering businesses a high-quality, fast, and scalable option. George Culver, director of GIS at LJA Engineering Inc. turned to Nearmap for land development and transportation feasibility studies. He said, “We always struggle with good base maps. The Houston-area development rate is very fast, so timeliness and frequency are extremely important." 

Nearmap surveys 70% of the US multiple times per year. Subscribers save time and money, reduce site visits, and efficiently plan with current, clear, changing imagery. Nearmap is delivered through a refreshingly easy-to-use interface called MapBrowser™, or can be accessed via third party GIS and CAD applications. 

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Topics: Aerial Imagery, Site Planning, Transportation, Civil Engineering, Image Clarity, Current Imagery, Image Frequency, Image Resolution, Historical Imagery

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