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Solar Builder Mag: Doubling Solar Leads with Aerial Maps

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Aerial imagery enabling rapid solar lead qualification and remote inspection; key catalyst in Momentum Solar's growth

Solar power savings are no longer a secret. Consumer and commercial demand is strong—and the business landscape for solar installers is more competitive than ever before. As a result, solar businesses are looking for ways to reach prospects en masse, qualify prospects rapidly, and conduct inspections and estimations remotely. How do they accomplish this? High-resolution aerial imagery is at the forefront.

In an article contributed to Solar Builder Magazine entitled "Eye in the Sky: How Momentum Solar doubled its business with aerial imaging software", Nearmap vice president of marketing, Tony Agresta, explains, "Sending technicians onto the roof to measure for estimates can be costly and time consuming, from safety and insurance to lost opportunity. On-site evaluations can cost a company up to $300 per assessment. That specialty solar technician can assess up to five roofs per day, so it’s easy to see how costs add up while those operating remotely with precise aerial imagery can complete a virtual site assessment in mere minutes. Solar professionals prospecting for new business with high-resolution aerial imagery also save significant time and money on travel and labor costs."

Nearmap high-resolution PhotoMaps™ showing oblique aerial view of residential homes with solar panels in Phoenix, AZ - June 2017.
Oblique aerial view of solar leads in Phoenix, AZ - June 2017

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In the past, solar businesses like Momentum Solar of Metuchen, N.J. attempted to use the latest satellite images, but found that free satellite imagery was often outdated and lacked the resolution necessary to accurately qualify and estimate jobs. To overcome the issue, Mometum Solar turned to Nearmap's cloud-based, high-resolution PhotoMaps. Nearmap provides instant access to frequently updated aerial maps of urban areas in the US, including "leaf-off" captures. 

James Kennedy, program manager for sales proposal development at Momentum Solar, said “Before using high-resolution imagery, the qualification and assessment process required toggling between three different satellite imagery programs and then a fourth program for panel layout,” Kennedy said. “Now, all the necessary information is in one easy-to-use program. We can decide if the property is suitable for solar within two to three minutes. The high-resolution images reveal roof space, shading and any obstructions so we can make accurate, timely assessments.”

Read the full article on Solar Builder Magazine here.


About Nearmap

Nearmap brings the real world to you. We capture, manage and deliver the most current location content in the world, allowing businesses and governments to explore their environment easily. With Nearmap, organizations unlock opportunities that consistently inform decision-making and transform the way they work. Our high-resolution, frequently updated aerial imagery is 2.8-inch GSD, better than satellite imagery. Delivered within days of capture, Nearmap shows changes over time. Users save time and money, reduce site visits and efficiently plan with current, clear imagery. 

Nearmap is delivered through a refreshingly easy-to-use interface called MapBrowser™ or accessed via Esri®, Autodesk, CAMA systems and other third party products.

Demos of Nearmap are available. For more information on Nearmap, visit https://go.nearmap.com.


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