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Aerial View Maps Show Your Customers Why They Should Buy

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Forbes highlights advantages of the latest aerial maps that are instantly accessible, and relevant to customer challenges.

We live in a world where communication is increasingly visual, virtual, and instant. Consumers embrace the "show me, don't tell me" mindset, resulting in innovations such as augmented reality, mobile apps, and HD streaming on-demand. Smart businesses recognize the trend, and are finding new ways to show customers how to solve their challenges. In his article entitled "Show Your Customers Why They Should Buy," Forbes contributing editor, David Williams, explains how this trend is accelerating demand for cloud-based, high-resolution aerial imagery over satellite mapping:

High-resolution [aerial] imagery brings a clarity several orders of magnitude greater than satellite pictures —and that kind of distinctive sharpness can help folks in the field or the home office make more informed decisions a lot faster. While most high-def mapping is traditionally done once every two or three years, Nearmap publishes such content one to three times a year.

Nearmap high-resolution PhotoMaps™ showing detail of a construction site in Minneapolis, MN - captured on Sept. 13, 2017.
Aerial photo of construction site in Minneapolis, MN - Sept. 13, 2017

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The concept of aerial imagery is not new, but companies like Nearmap are pioneering new ways to capture, manage and deliver it faster with patented camera systems, advanced image processing, and rapid publishing through the cloud. Williams continues:

Nearmap’s software automatically manages the process of seamlessly “stitching” together thousands of images, mathematically modeling and matching each pixel from 20 different angles to create its 3-D constructions at lightning speed. Mapping, once a cumbersome, manual process that used to take months, now takes days or less in the cloud, thanks to ingeniously crafted automatic work flows and to server workhorses like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As for scaling, Nearmap can use as many or as few CPUs to process the imagery. Because everything is processed and available in the infinitely scalable cloud, clients don’t have to invest in servers, multiple terabytes of hard drives, or elaborate IT structures. All they need is access to the internet. Simple, fast, and cheap.

For businesses such as real-estate developers, civil engineers, insurers, solar installers, or public utilities, the "show-and-tell" appeal of instantly accessible, high-res aerial imagery translates into quick wins with clients.

Read the full article on Forbes.com.

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