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Oblique aerial shot of Tuckerton, New Jersey -- 8 April 2018

Aerial Map Views: Nearmap Video Gallery



Seeing is believing, video goes one step further, and HQ aerial imagery can transform the way you work. Learn how MapBrowser makes it easy, and see how users are benefiting from current aerial maps.

Case Study: HNTB

[ 2:55 | 36MB ] - HNTB enhances communications using high-res 2D and 3D imagery to help clients visualize large infrastructure projects in real context.

Case Study: Aurora Solar

[ 1:46 | 21MB ] - Aurora uses Nearmap's HD aerial imagery to help solar installers qualify prospects quickly and accurately.

Case Study: City of Las Cruces

[ 2:31 | 51MB ] - Multiple departments within the city streamlined operations and urban planning using current, detailed aerial images.

Case Study: Highpoint Engineering

[ 2:05 | 43MB ] - See how this engineering firm improved proposals, project plans, & communications with HD aerial imagery from Nearmap.

Transform the Way You Work

[ 1:24 | 43MB ] - Unlock the limitless capacity of truth on the ground and transform the way you work with current, high-resolution aerial imagery.

We Bring the Real World to You

[ 1:28 | 44MB ] - Reduce the need to send vehicles, equipment, and people on-site with high-resolution, current and historical imagery.

Demo: Intro to MapBrowser™

[ 3:56 | 143MB ] - In this MapBrowser™ demo, learn how to quickly find high-resolution aerial views in PhotoMaps™, make accurate remote measurements, and monitor change over time.

Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools

[ 1:54 | 25MB ] - See top uses for Nearmap's instantly-accessible, frequently updated aerial imagery and web-based tools, including: finding locations, making measurements, and enhancing communications.
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Solar lead prospecting via Nearmap Aerial Imagery within mobile MapBrowser


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