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Overhead view of land development in Madison, AL - 3 February 2018

Most Recent Aerial Maps Enable Urban Planning


Context Requires Eyes in the Sky

Space has its place, but there's no such thing as a clear satellite view.
With PhotoMaps™ you can be everwhere (in HD) without going anywherere.

Do the Groundwork

High resolution historical imagery from Nearmap aids due diligence. Examine windows through time to help determine environmental impact. In like manner, evaluate the site’s water table level and potential flood risk. Then correlate with soil analysis and natural topography to cap your analysis. Read the solution brief

Map Your Essentials

When mapping new communities, leverage the most current aerial imagery to evaluate potable water infrastructure, current and planned food distribution. You know, the bare necessities. Responsibly plan growth around sustainable resources, and forecast population density loads from anticipated land development; zone accordingly, and coordinate it all through high quality aerial photography. See areas recently captured

Phase Development

Under high growth conditions, utilize aerial mapping to coordinate phased introduction of necessary utilities, leveraging Nearmap’s historical image library to identify development trends and anticipate which sectors to prioritize. Watch our on-demand webinar

Monitor Growth

With multiple urban captures per year, keep tabs on longer-term infrastructure projects, private and industrial development. Imagery more current than satellite makes it possible, and helps with responsible governance. Learn more about Nearmap products

Green-light Success

When navigating city council approval or other governing bodies’, present your thorough plan in the best possible light. GIS-integrated, high resolution overhead maps make all the difference, and help ensure that correct policies are adopted. Learn more about our Esri integration

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Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools
Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools

Case Study

Case Study: City of Apex, NC

City of Apex, NC

Efficient government planning & rapid response to citizen requests
Read the Case Study
Aerial Imagery Helps Secure Retail Real Estate Deals

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Mike Stone Associates, Inc.

What our customers are saying

Now I don’t have to go out into the field for measurements... I fire up Nearmap and can measure the entire community within about two hours. It’s a huge time saver. In addition, before Nearmap I wasn’t able to pick up the differences in surface materials. Now those attributes are spot-on accurate.”

— Russell Spragg, GIS Technician, Mike Stone Associates, Inc.
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