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3D aerial image of Capitol Building, Austin, XT - 27 April 2017

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Nearmap Imagery Works for You

Budgets. You’re constantly tasked to do more with less as budgetary constraints struggle for priority. The best aerial imagery multiplies your efforts in ways that current satellite images can’t.

You Need Fresh Aerial Imagery Now

Imagine what’s possible with frequently updated imagery captured multiple times per year – remotely measure progress, and detect what’s changed over time. The latest aerial maps keep current, while a satellite view map may be years old and obsolete.

Higher Resolution = Higher Productivity

You already know there must be better aerial images than the latest free satellite maps. You just didn’t realize they were closer to earth. With Nearmap, you see crisp detail and can accurately measure features remotely. That means fewer field inspections, reduced risk, and more time to focus on priorities.

Case Study

Case Study: City of Grapevine, TX

City of Grapevine, TX

More efficient city planning and risk mitigation at 10X speed
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