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Aerial view of hurricane damage compared to year prior in Wilmington, NC -- 2018 and 2017

Hurricane Florence Hits Land. Nearmap Hits the Air.



Nearmap Captures East Coast Post-Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has left its wrath on the East Coast, and now putting back the pieces is always easier said then done. Nearmap aircraft captured the post-event imagery to help business and home owners get those pieces in place a little quicker and easier.

Imagery available for:
govt-icon Public Safety:  Access to immediate, crystal-clear aerial imagery of areas affected by storm damage for emergency response routing and safety.
utilities_icon-1 Utilities:  View all areas where above-ground utilities have been affected and also see where infrastructure is down and causing hazards.
construction_icon Reconstruction Efforts:  Compare historical image captures with post-event imagery to see structure elements and provide proper measurements to rebuild.
insurance_icon Insurance:  View impacted properties to see first-hand damage and potential structural damage.
Nearmap high-resolution PhotoMaps™ showing impacted areas before and after Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas Coast.
Aerial photo of Southport, NC - Sept. 2018 Aerial photo of Southport, NC - Sept. 2018 Post-Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence Imagery Q&A:
What coverage area(s) have we planned to capture?

Our ready-to-go post-hurricane surveys include coastal areas from Newport to North Myrtle Beach, NC.

Detail about our existing US coverage schedule is available here.

Are historical captures available for this area?

Yes, previous Nearmap Vertical captures of the Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach areas are available to show pre-hurricane conditions.

  • Jacksonville:
    Jan. 26, 2018

  • Wilmington: 
    Aug. 22, 2016
    Sept. 8, 2017

  • Myrtle Beach:
    Aug. 14, 2016
    Aug. 9, 2017
What can be expected from post-hurricane imagery?

Our post-hurricane planned captures include ~1,750 square-miles covering a population of nearly 752,000.

All imagery will be published at sub-3” GSD consistent with other Nearmap Vertical capture areas.

How can this imagery be viewed/delivered?

All pre and post-hurricane imagery can be accessed through a standard web browser using Nearmap’s intuitive MapBrowser, or via integration with GIS, CAD and other applications through standard web mapping protocols (WMS, WMTS, and TMS).

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HD Aerial Imagery Reveals Impact of a Hurricane

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