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Aerial photo of water treatment facility, Miami, FL - 5 Jan. 2017

High Resolution Maps for Public Works


Current Imagery Fuels Local Infrastructure

You want regular aerial oversight, but the most recent satellite map could be years old.
Nearmap captures multiple surveys per year, all processed and streamed to the cloud within days.

Potholes Have Nowhere to Hide

High resolution, up to date aerial imaging captures even the smallest pavement irregularities. Remotely measure parking lot area with unparalleled accuracy to plan work and order material. Easily monitor streets over time, and track road construction progress. When proposing a new corridor, precisely plan and present your project with current, high resolution maps. Read the solution brief

Detect Vegetation Distress

Water management benefits from summer imaging and year-over-year comparisons of flora health and diversity. Identify and monitor your areas of concern, whether it be for hillside vegetation that mitigates mudslide risk, or suspicious blooms of green that may indicate unauthorized use of scarce water resources. See recent capture areas

Optimize Sanitation Logistics

Accurately plan routes and shuffle vehicle assignments for duty cycle, road grade, and dynamic factors like downtime or preventive maintenance. Set contingencies for inclement weather, holiday shifts, and short/long term road construction. And if you’re incorporating telemetry systems through GIS, the best aerial maps that eclipse satellite views make all the difference. Learn more about our Esri integration

Monitor Storm Water & Sewer

Detect change over time or anomalies with area catch ponds, roadway pooling from heavy rains, or groundwater recession from periods of drought.  While not real-time aerial images, regular updates from Nearmap are processed and uploaded to the cloud within days – snapshots in time that increase active oversight and effectiveness. Learn more about Nearmap products

Plan Capital Improvement Projects

Soil, water and civil engineers gain invaluable information for determining project site selection, environmental concerns – and most of all, gaining public acceptance. This importance can’t be overstated. When you visualize the project with crystal clear imaging from overhead maps, you’ve communicated due diligence and an accurate projection that helps green-light your thorough efforts.

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Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools
Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools

Case Study

Case Study: Hydromax USA

Hydromax USA

Aerial imagery dramatically improved accuracy of data collection
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PhotoMaps Shine with ArcGIS Online


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City of Apex, North Carolina

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Our ability to leverage our GIS operation improved dramatically with Nearmap. The flexibility of their cloud solution and ability to integrate with ArcGIS® has redefined how we rapidly respond to staff and citizen requests.”

—Steve Nelson, GISP, Apex, North Carolina
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On-site Apple iPad verification within MapBrowser with Nearmap Aerial Imagery


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