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Moored ships at the naval shipyard, Bremerton WA -- 12 July 2018

Geospatial Technology Partners


Current Data Powers Enterprise – Partner with Nearmap

We deliver high resolution aerial imagery as a service to businesses across the globe. Nearmap’s Partner Program enables your customers to access our frequently updated imagery in your application, using either their own Nearmap subscription or through our imagery Reseller arrangement with you. Equip your customers with clear, current, wide-scale imagery of their work sites and properties and magnify the utility of your integrated products. 

Dallas, TX
6 November 2018

Partner Benefits

You’ll have access to a comprehensive range of resources and a dedicated account manager.

  • Reach a wider customer base through our relationships via joint communications and marketing support.
  • Improve your user experience with current, high resolution imagery.
  • Create additional revenue streams through Reseller arrangements.

Nearmap offers a range of partnership options that enable content integrations to meet the needs of your customer base and enhance your application’s value proposition.

The Right Partnership for Your Business

We offer a full range of partnership services and structures.  If you’re looking to solve your customers’ problems with higher quality imagery, smarter location data or more complete reports — all in a highly integrated and easy-to-access format — a Nearmap partnership is the solution.

End User Integrators

Nearmap content is incorporated into partner applications via an integration with Nearmap APIs. this allows customers with Nearmap accounts to easily access our imagery and data, seamlessly enhancing your partner offering.


Through a wholesale agreement for the provision of content, Nearmap supplies imagery and data to be incorporated into partner products, which are then sold through the partner’s own sales channels.

Nearmap provides great imagery that’s both accurate and recent. What sets them apart is that they fly several times a year for each location so our customers may observe changes over time.
Christopher Hopper, Co-Founder – Aurora Solar (software)

Ready to Join Forces?

We're currently exploring opportunities with select partners. If you have a compelling application, platform, or product that would be enhanced by our current, high resolution aerial imagery, please reach out to our partner specialist.

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