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Aerial shot of Harrison, NY swimming pool construction - 19 July 2017

Current Aerial Photos for Remote Property Appraisal


You Can Only Tax What You See

Remote property assessment is now a reality. Multiple high resolution captures per year
and leaf-off aerial imagery clearly tell the story of what’s been built, installed or demolished.

Speed Your Process, Clear the Way!

Value your time. Eliminate unnecessary site inspections, and multiply your efforts with aerial views of property. When your process is more efficient, your quality of work improves as well. Read the solution brief

Remotely Measure Distance & Area

And with greater precision – correct aerial measurements from overhead imagery reduce your risk and time in the field while improving overall productivity. Now appraisers can be anywhere within their district without going anywhere. See areas recently captured

Shorten Inquiries & Appeals

Truth on the ground is your best defense. Truth over time with multiple property images documenting change strengthens your appraisal, and saves time spent addressing appeals. And with instant access to historical imagery streamed from the cloud, readily address inquiries as well. Watch our on-demand webinar

Integrate Popular GIS or CAMA Systems

Combine Nearmap’s spectacular imagery with powerful analytics using our simple and seamless integration with many GIS and CAMA tools. Lower the number of screens you need to get the job done, and done quickly. Learn more about our Esri integration

With Property Appraisals, Details Matter

Remove doubt with crystal clear imaging that’s far more detailed than high resolution satellite imagery. Readily identify property features, and improve the accuracy of your valuations. Learn more about Nearmap products

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Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools
Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools

Case Study

Case Study: Bexar Appraisal District

Bexar County

Faster, more accurate property appraisal with high-res aerial imagery
Read the Case Study
Latest News

Latest News

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Clark County, Nevada

What our customers are saying

We have since implemented Nearmap and received positive feedback from the county staff. The imagery is up-to-date, clear and accessible, empowering staff to better perform work from their desk, saving time and money.”

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Laptop AutoCAD design with Nearmap Aerial Imagery


View a current HD aerial map of your project.

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