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Sunset Beach, CA - Jan. 2017
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Captured: Apr. 9, 2018

Case Study:

Mapping out cost-saving transportation solutions

Nearmap's high-resolution, current aerial PhotoMaps™ are helping OCTA build and maintain up-to-date inventories of sidewalks, bi-ways, and more with no incremental IT costs.
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Orange County Transportation Authority's (OCTA) GIS group serves Strategic Planning, Transit Operations, Marketing, Risk Assessment, Emergency Preparedness, Funding Applications, Van Pools, Bicycle Planning, Signal Synchronization and other functions.

The group provides information and data (maps, charts, etc.) to help policy staff make more-informed decisions. It relies on aerial imagery to create base maps for planning and site analysis—e.g., validating construction changes (lane changes, new roadway or sidewalk construction). The team maintains inventories for the Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH) as well as inventories of bikeways, sidewalks and on-street parking. GIS revisits the aerial imagery every year or two to update its inventories as needed.


Unlike local aerial imagery providers OCTA has used, Nearmap captures high-resolution images multiple times per year. So Nearmap’s solution is uniquely timely. Imagery is typically published and online within days of capture, not months or years.

Nearmap’s high-resolution imagery offers a lot of value per square mile based on its 2.8” resolution and clarity.

Nearmap provides access to its current and historic imagery through MapBrowser™, a cloud-based service as well as integrated directly within Esri's ArcGIS platform. Customers can monitor, inspect and compare images over time, on demand. Nearmap’s service model reduced the infrastructure and time required to manage updates to the image database (formerly accomplished by acquiring and managing physical files).


Superior Image Resolution for the Agency’s DollarOCTA has a tightly controlled  budget, and Nearmap provides sharp, precise imagery at an affordable cost and is updated more frequently than previously available aerial survey data.

Fewer Site VisitsOCTA staff instantly accesses current visuals of county locations to build accurate and timely transportation inventories, and have confidence that ground conditions are up-to-date and accurately mapped.

Lower Infrastructure CostNearmap’s cloud-based solution can be used immediately without the need for IT resources to load and maintain image databases.

High-Resolution, Timely Images with Zero Incremental IT Cost

Orange County Transportation Authority is the primary transportation agency for a 798-square-mile area of Southern California. It serves more than 3 million residents in 34 cities and unincorporated areas. Its responsibilities extend to
all forms of transportation, including bus and paratransit service; Metrolink commuter rail service; planned future rail; freeway, street and road improvement projects; motorist services; and regulation of taxi operations.

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