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Aerial view map of Newark Airport in Newark, NJ.
  • Newark Airport, Newark, NJ
  • Captured: Apr. 21, 2018

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Elevating confidence when it comes to planning & analysis

Nearmap's frequently-updated, spectacularly clear imagery allows Langan designers and engineers to make better site plans.
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Langan consultants require current visual data in order to accurately analyze site conditions and commence project planning with confidence. Aerial imagery used in the past from other vendors or satellite-based providers such as Bing, as well as public-sector agencies, was often outdated, sometimes up to 4-5 years old. Internal surveying resources, while extremely valuable, are challenging to scale for more comprehensive project needs. Publishing and maintaining imagery from custom surveys require internal IT and human resources.


Nearmap’s PhotoMaps™ are updated multiple times per year, so engineers and consultants have immediate access to current visual data.

Nearmap’s seamless integration with industry-standard geospatial design tools such as Esri ArcGIS and CAD programs allows Langan to leverage imagery for existing designs and to plan workflows.

High-resolution imagery exports allow for detailed, clear presentations and reports. Because Nearmap is 100% cloud-based, Langan can avoid tying up internal IT resources.


More Efficient Site PlanningSite planning is optimized and more accurate with Nearmap PhotoMaps™.

Better Grasp of Site ChangesWith Nearmap PhotoMaps™, Langan has been able to provide consultants and engineers with imagery that is up to 5X more recent than imagery from previous sources. “I personally was looking at a site in Nearmap that had been surveyed just three weeks prior. I couldn’t believe it,” Mike Cotreau, Senior Associate & Director of Design Technology, says. “As consultants, we need to have the latest and greatest—especially if site conditions have changed.”

More Effective CollaborationOff-the-shelf sources require internal IT infrastructure (servers, etc.) and resources to host, maintain and make the imagery available to employees. As a cloud-based solution, Nearmap provides high-resolution imagery that allows for more flexible data-sharing.

High-Resolution Images up to 5X More Up-to-Date

Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Langan Engineering was founded in 1970 as a geotechnical specialty firm. One unique aspect of Langan’s company culture — and a key competitive differentiator — is its focus on adopting and using new technology to drive greater efficiencies and high client satisfaction and loyalty. This is one of the reasons Langan turned to Nearmap for its 100% cloud-based, high-resolution, current and historical aerial imagery and geospatial data.

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