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Nearmap high-res aerial imagery reduces risk of buried infrastructure
  • Nearmap PhotoMaps™ in ArcMap from Esri

Case Study:
 Hydromax USA

Removing the Risk from Buried Infrastructure

Nearmap's high-resolution PhotoMaps™ improve the speed and accuracy of data collection, inspection, and analysis of water, gas and sewer systems.
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Hydromax USA keeps us safe. Founded in 2003, Hydromax USA collects data and analyzes risk associated with utility lines, water systems and sewer pipes. They use location content and ArcGIS® from Esri® to streamline the collection, visualization, and analysis of data.  In doing so, Hyrdromax USA has unlocked new opportunities allowing them to scale while delivering accurate results to their customers. 


In the past, Hydromax USA used inconsistent satellite imagery to visualize the environment around buried infrastructure. These sources were out of date and lacked the quality and resolution necessary to identify key features. For example, one of the services Hydromax USA provides identifies a problem known as a “cross bore”. A cross bore occurs when a gas line runs through a sewer pipe creating risk that the gas line could rupture and leak into sewer or water lines. Eventually the gas could infiltrate buildings or homes.

Outdated, low-resolution imagery made it difficult to identify the exact location of these cross bores in relationship to buildings and ground conditions above them. New construction or buildings were often missing or not clear enough to assess real risk and this impacted resource deployment in the field. Delivering highly accurate results was paramount.  


By implementing Nearmap's high-resolution PhotoMaps™, Hydromax USA has increased the accuracy of their data collection, reduced time spent in the field, and improved client satisfaction with higher quality reports. With Nearmap, assets can be quickly and easily analyzed from their desktop with a high-level of confidence.

“Nearmap dramatically simplified things for us, allowing us to make more accurate decisions. With Nearmap, we can actually see exactly where the bore points are. That really helps us narrow down where a gas line is located and which buildings we need to inspect.”

—Chris Blohm, Data Analyst Manager, Hydromax USA

Because Nearmap imagery is updated frequently, Hydromax USA can rely on current information for inspections and analysis. High resolution detail also allows them to detect ground features that satellite imagery simply can’t provide. 

Hydromax USA has integrated Nearmap into work processes. Video data collection and lat/long coordinates are collected for all underground lines. An automated process brings the data into ArcGIS from Esri, at which time it is analyzed with Nearmap imagery.


Accurate Risk Analysis – Instead of using outdated, low quality satellite imagery from varying sources, Hydromax USA now uses current, high-resolution PhotoMaps™ from Nearmap for more accurate data collection and risk analysis. For example, using Nearmap PhotoMaps in ArcGIS, Hydromax USA identifies where a sewer or gas lateral maps to a specific house.

Efficient Resource Deployment Nearmap's PhotoMaps™ are better than 2.8-inch GSD, allowing Hydromax USA to clearly identify surface materials and efficiently deploy resources. They accurately identify “bore points” — the precise location where utility companies have drilled prior to tunneling below the surface and running lines.

Improved Customer Service– Hydromax USA's customers are energy and utility companies that service hundreds of cities, water and sewer districts across the country. While the data collection and analysis to support them is a massive task, their customers expect quick turnaround. Instant access to Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery allows Hydromax USA to quickly produce high-quality, detailed visual analyses for their clients. 

Scalable Business Growth Nearmap gives Hydromax USA a competitive and strategic advantage. When prospects sit across the table or read a Hydromax report, they can visualize exactly what’s needed. They gain confidence when they see current imagery, detailed data and clear recommendations—all at the same time.

Dramatically Improved Accuracy of Data Collection & Analysis
Hydromax USA

Established in 2003, Hydromax USA is a Chandler, Indiana based professional services firm specializing in data collection in support of locating and assessing the condition of the country’s aging water, wastewater and natural gas conveyance systems. Hydromax USA’s vast experience with new technologies and techniques empowers contractors, engineers and utility owners to make the best rehabilitation decisions regarding their buried infrastructure.

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