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Grapevine, TX
  • Grapevine, TX
  • Captured: Jan. 8, 2018

Case Study:
 City of Grapevine, TX

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A large, evolving urban center—especially one abutting one of the world’s largest airports—must maintain accurate, up-to-date data on its buildings, highways, sidewalks and other infrastructure. Grapevine’s large conventions and festivals challenge city planners to cope with traffic and parking requirements. Police, fire and 911 services need to quickly locate and deal with emergencies—a requirement for which Grapevine was tested dramatically during the historic June, 2015 flooding. Commercial and residential developers also need current, geographically correct GIS data to plan and fund new projects. According to John Hunt, Grapevine’s Enterprise GIS Manager, the city has sourced aerial photography from the North Central Texas Council of Governments, but those images are only updated every two years. “In between, we have to get in the car with GPS and drive the roads to see changes,” said John Hunt.


Nearmap surveys Grapevine and Tarrant County multiple times per year. So Nearmap’s solution is uniquely timely. Imagery is typically published and online within days of capture—not months.

Nearmap’s high-resolution imagery is 2.8-inch GSD, which is typically several times sharper than satellite-based imagery. It is delivered in orthographically rectified form (corrected for lens distortion, camera angle and topographic relief) much faster than imagery from the Council of Governments.

Nearmap provides access to its current and historic imagery through MapBrowser™, a cloud-based service. So Hunt’s team can monitor, inspect and compare images over time, on demand.


Improved Public Safety – Police, fire and 911 teams have much timelier data on the city’s public infrastructure and areas prone to risk.

Better Service to Developers – Planners can access data directly from the city’s web site, GIS.GrapevineTexas.gov, and can easily see manhole covers, fire hydrants and other small features, in leaf-on and leaf-off images.

Lower Costs – Subscribing to Nearmap’s service significantly reduces operating costs versus the use of conventional image sources, and requires no dedicated IT infrastructure.

Grapevine, TX

Grapevine, Texas, located between Dallas and Fort Worth, has one of the largest convention centers and historic districts in the state. With a strong focus on its convention business and tourism, the city hosts award-winning festivals that draw 250,000+ people. Grapevine is home to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which makes up one third of the city. Economic growth and the need to ensure public safety have created continuous demand for current data on Grapevine’s changing physical infrastructure.

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