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Why You Need Aerial Imagery (and might not know it)

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 Many industries benefit from use of aerial imagery

CLOUD POWER:  today's high resolution aerial imagery can be accessed in seconds from your internet browser and that power is transforming the way we do work. 
See for yourself how easy and intuitive this can be by viewing our web demo of the
Top 7 Uses of Aerial Imagery for small to medium business.

Satellite maps were quite the sensation when released to the public in 2005* as they brought aerial photos into the public domain.  The novelty was immediate, and I was among many that navigated to view the places we had lived and a satellite view of my house.  Some recognized their inherent commercial potential, and the Aerial Imagery Market was born.

Recognizing that satellite images were often years old and lacked sufficient clarity for practical use, specialty services began to collect overhead photographs with fixed-wing aircraft for large corporations and government. Some of these persist today, but high costs and complicated infrastructure still kept useful aerial imagery out of reach for small-to-medium sized business.

Enter Nearmap: that power now comes to your desktop or mobile browser without added infrastructure cost or complexity.  It's time to ask yourself "how will aerial maps impact my business?"


Calculate roof area with MapBrowser tools

Do You Inspect Locations?

High resolution aerial photos reveal detailed features and potential risks. Those directing or performing field inspections save valuable time while increasing onsite safety.  In many instances, the inspection may be performed with even greater accuracy without leaving your office or dispatching a crew into the field.  And that dramatically lowers operating costs for vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance.


Do You Measure Things?

Site planning and job estimation become much more precise and efficient. Built-in tools help calculate property appraisal, roof materials, pavement and marking integrity, acreage and much more – all with confidence and efficiency. The end results are estimates and follow-through that stay true and build customer trust.


Do You Need Sharper Detail?

Blurry satellite imagery misses what matters. Detect or verify insurable damage. Lower the cost of installing solar panels by clearly identifying roof features like pipes and vents.  Or get the number and location of every fire hydrant for effective city planning. It's all in the details, and high-resolution photos deliver what's needed.


Do You Want to Grow Faster?

Would you benefit from the ability to qualify hundreds (or thousands) of prospects per day, optimize the uptime of your workforce and gain competitive advantage over competitors? As a general rule, what can be seen can be sold. And with historical high-resolution imagery, showcase your finest work to build trust and grow new business. And when the imagery is available within days after capture, be first to unlock opportunities and better serve your community or region.


Do You Track Change?

Measure progress in exacting detail. Verify claims with authority, and realize peace-of-mind from updated historical imagery that backs your work and stands the test of time. Each series tells a compelling story of truth on the ground. Put that knowledge to work, adapt to your changing environment and make the best decisions for your business.
Overstock.com US headquarters construction, October 2014 through August 2016  

The Revealing Truth

Once reserved for the few, aerial imagery now empowers business of every size and scope.  Learn how these high-resolution tools now extend to your desktop and have the power to transform how you work. See how our Recent Captures Blog highlights how Nearmap surveys are photographed and uploaded within days.  And remember to see our MapBrowser™ tools in action – click below to view the demonstration.

View Our MapBrowser Demo


* EarthViewer 3D was developed by Keyhole, Inc. and subsequently acquired by Google in 2004.

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Image Quality Outshines Satellite Images

Nearmap PhotoMaps™ are consistently 2.8” GSD—which is typically several times sharper than satellite images—giving you unrivaled clarity, precision and detail.

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Take accurate remote measurements. Estimate with precision. Plan around detailed features, and view property changes over time.

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Our up to date aerial maps are consistently refreshed to give you timely, actionable information. Browse aerial photos from recent surveys, or view our nationwide urban coverage areas.

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With precise geolocation, Nearmap aerial imagery monitors change over time and tells compelling stories of truth on the ground. Plan with confidence, and see your projects evolve.

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Whether you're viewing orthoimagery or oblique aerial views, Nearmap's cloud-based PhotoMaps™ give you instant access to consistent, high quality aerial imagery with spectacular detail.

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Sharper than the Best Satellite Maps

And frequently updated, too. Nearmap captures the urban US multiple times per year, and new aerial images are processed and streamed to the cloud within days. Get instant access to all current imagery and historical aerials, precisely georeferenced to show you truth over time.

View incredible detail with our high resolution aerial maps. Satellite images are often blurred by weather or the atmosphere. Nearmap captures leaf-off and leaf-on aerial photos year round under the best possible conditions.

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