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PhotoMaps™ Shine Within ArcGIS Online

Posted by Igor Zevaka on Mar 2, 2017 12:38:02 PM
Igor Zevaka
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Nearmap ImageServer available within the Esri Marketplace  

Within the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace

First made available from the 2015 Esri User Conference, Nearmap ImageServer provides users an easy and efficient way to incorporate high-resolution PhotoMaps™ within the ArcGIS Platform, including ArcGIS Online, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. Imagery streaming is easily integrated as ArcGIS fully leverages the most recent and frequent aerial images.

Recent updates further improve users’ power, performance and overall experience within Esri.  Project planning around recent capture dates is now possible, and the quality of image output has been enhanced.  For the first time, Nearmap high-resolution imagery may also be found within the Esri World Imagery Basemap.  Read on for more about these significant improvements and why they matter.

Most Recent Coverage Areas

Nearmap is best known for its recent, up-to-date imagery. With multiple captures per year and the benefit of leaf-off/leaf-on views over time, PhotoMaps flight frequency and timing become more important to leverage real-time seasonality.

Why does it matter?

Certain projects like water use surveys  or geologists' erosion reports require a specific image-capture time window to be most effective. Recent coverage maps help these users act on opportunity to get the most value from current imagery.

Numerous industries benefit from Nearmap's leaf-on/leaf-off contrast.  For instance, solar companies must determine panel placement and projected output based on both a clear view of their customer’s roof and the areas shaded by deciduous trees over the summer months. The same is true for property appraisal, which requires leaf-free imagery that clearly contrasts building activity between spring and fall.

Recent coverage is available through ArcGIS Online, and coverage maps may also be viewed at go.nearmap.com.

Plane taking off at Hartsfield International in AtlantaHartsfield International Airport, Atlanta GA (2.2MB Runway View of Plane Taking Off)

Greatly Increased Export Size

ArcGIS Online users may now output large-scale plotting at high-resolution to further visualize the real world at vastly greater scale.

Who does it impact?

Mega-projects, or other major infrastructure initiatives over $1B benefit the most. Increased output ability is particularly relevant to massive scale projects like airports, seaports, bridges and road construction.

Cities and other entities that export and plot extensive landmass areas at high-resolution also benefit from large-format output.


Esri World Imagery Basemap

On February 2, the World Imagery Map was updated with selected area high-resolution imagery from Nearmap, an Esri partner.

 The Nearmap imagery is 7cm per pixel resolution, which is suitable for display down to Level 21 (~1:282 scale) in our tiling scheme. The Nearmap imagery for Redlands and Naperville was acquired in Q4 of 2015, which significantly improves the currency in these areas.

 --Deane Kensok, ArcGIS Online Program Manager

And while Nearmap’s Q4 2015 imagery is a significant advance to World Imagery timeliness, Redlands has been captured 5 times since then and more recent high-resolution Naperville captures include March 2016, April 2016, October 2016 and as recent as February 2017.

Chicago area land development over 5 recent capture dates
Chicago area land development over 5 recent capture dates (1.2MB HD Vertical View

Responding to Customer Needs

ArcGIS Online continues to grow, and with it the specific needs of their varied clientele.  Nearmap imagery takes ArcGIS to the next level, and our ability to deploy current data to the cloud within days of capture really powers the platform. Nearmap’s ImageServer updates also continually improve the GIS user experience: 

“The ability to visualize a mile-long runway at scale gives airports and other mega-projects an avenue to plot far more, and in greater detail.”

 --Robert Carroll, Nearmap US Field Operations

Esri has effectively deployed learning from both its customers and solution providers alike. As an integral partner in the ArcGIS ecosystem, Nearmap helped integrate their imagery with a wide range of Esri software solutions – both off the shelf and bespoke.  Coupled with Portal for ArcGIS, the Nearmap ImageServer can be used in any application that is able to talk to ArcGIS Server and brings great power to the platform.


SOUTH JORDAN, Utah--()--Nearmap Ltd. (ASX: NEA) is pleased to announce it has been selected as the winner of the 2017 Esri® Partner Conference Best New Content Partner Award. This award is a recognition for excellence in content delivery by a partner that has been in the Esri Partner Network for two years or less.

Esri is an international supplier of geospatial information systems with more than one million users in 200 countries around the world. This partnership with Nearmap allows Esri customers who subscribe to Nearmap’s location content to seamlessly integrate high-resolution aerial imagery into the Esri products. Today, customers build and deploy GIS solutions that take advantage of Esri functionality and Nearmap imagery.


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