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Aerial Photos Show Top Down Corporate Branding

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As we begin to understand our world in greater detail, big brands are taking to the sky. Or is that from the sky? Americans are becoming better acquainted with top-down aerial views, and savvy companies are responding in kind.  Scroll down for high quality aerial imagery examples, or read on to learn why they care about what's up there.

Eyes in the Sky

All the world's a stage, but why would corporate brands go large and face the heavens? Let's explore how and who they hope to attract with these massive-scale logos:

  • Airline Passengers: many of these businesses and venues are placed near air traffic lanes where occupants get an overhead view on takeoff or approach. This is your captain speaking.

  • Sports Coverage: lighter-than-air craft like the ubiquitous Goodyear Blimps circle stadiums during large events to advertise their namesake brand, add scope, and exhibit the sheer excitement and mass of humanity surrounding popular sporting events.

  • Satellite Imagery: while satellite photos on Google Maps are typically between 1 to 3 years old, big brands are in it for the long haul.  Google Earth pulls from the same imagery, and it's been a popular platform for people to gain their first top-down views of the world from home.

  • Aerial Mapping: today's high resolution aerial photography surveys entire metropolitan regions in a day, employs supercomputing to seamlessly stitch it all together and streams entire datasets to the cloud within days. That will make your logo pop.

Aerial Photos of Six Corporate Logos from recent aerial surveys

Aerial view of 6 corporate logos (1.75MB)

Branding from on High

Up top (in red) is Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA – where the Golden State Warriors rule the roost 

Directly beneath (in blue) is Ford Field in Detroit, MI – home of the Detroit Lions 

Next up top (in black) is the Bacardi USA headquarters in Coral Gables, FL 

Next down (in Green) is Mattel Headquarters in El Segundo, CA 

Bottom right (in gray) is AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX – home of the Dallas Cowboys 
Above, far right (in red) is the Staples Center in Los Angeles,CA – home of several LA sports franchises

From Early Geography to Today's Geospatial Technology 

First arising in the 1540s, the term Geography is defined as "the science of description of the earth's surface in its present condition," from the Latin geographia and Greek geographia. Christopher Columbus' travels to the new world were the subject of much excitement, and word was spreading that the earth itself was spherical and not flat.

early-map-of-the-known-world.jpgThe concept of latitude was well known from the sun's position relative to the horizon throughout the day, but a deeper understanding of longitude would take much longer. Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe from 1519 was a start, and further exploration began to map the earth's surface over the ensuing years. That Geographical system of earth measurement employed coordinates representing both latitude and longitude, or x and y. Now get ready for z.

Today's understanding goes well beyond – did you know our earth isn't exactly round? It's close, but we're spinning away our days while orbiting our sun each year. Centripetal force is greatest at the equator, where the surface bulges outward from the core.  We've moved far beyond study of the earth's surface, too. Geospacial Technology adds height to the equation, giving rise to three-dimensional point maps referencing both the ground below and the sky above.


Branding on a Grand Scale

So what's the future for this named stadium space? In a word, scale – as aerial survey technologies deliver ever greater resolution and clarity, it's forseeable to see a tipping point where top-down views of known and upcoming brands become at once both commonplace and familiar. Aerial imagery use cases across government and industry are growing at a rapid pace, and with them comes the ready-made b2b audiences for targeted aerial brand impressions and accrued equity.

Business is looking down, and for once that's a good thing. 

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