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Oblique aerial view of shopping mall at Aria Resort, Las Vegas - 22 May 2017

Aerial View of Property & Real Estate


Realty Has Never Looked Better

Showcase properties like never before, with stunning, high resolution aerial photography.
View from multiple oblique perspectives, or with precise, top-down aerial orthography.

Location is Key

Except when it comes to costly site visits. Stop endlessly wandering from one place to another. An aerial view of property with breathtaking detail gives you great visuals that close the sale. Now you can be everywhere, without going anywhere. Learn more about Nearmap products

Context is Critical

But how close are neighboring properties, and what are the sight lines? You could use a bird’s eye view map to aid perspective, but you also want to remotely measure acreage and distance to amenities. With Nearmap, you get both: high definition orthography and incredibly clear oblique views from every direction. See areas recently captured

Timing is Everything

Yet satellite images of homes are often years old. Aerial imaging and 3D mapping by photography drone holds promise, but is costly and complex. The right-sized solution is high-res PhotoMaps™ from Nearmap – up to date, and instantly streamed as a service through the cloud to your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Watch our on-demand webinar

Stay Ahead of the Market

Monitor, validate, and compare property changes over time for up-to-date site selection and valuation. Aerial property maps within major US metros are captured multiple times per year, processed, and uploaded to the cloud within days. The most updated maps make all the difference. Read our solution brief

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Leave yesterday's site-dependent operations in the dust with HD aerial maps.
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Calculate roof pitch and area with high-res oblique aerial imagery in MapBrowser

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What our customers are saying

Nearmap lets our brokers get up close and personal, and see the sites in a much different light. Now we have the option to pull in Nearmap to give the brokers exactly what they are looking for. Having Nearmap in our tool belt has allowed us to really meet the brokers' needs.”

— Bryan Chandler, GIS manager, The Shopping Center Group
Aerial imagery for real estate brokers
Solar lead prospecting via Nearmap Aerial Imagery within mobile MapBrowser


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