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Coastline with boat docks, Kenmore, WA - 24 June 2017

Aerial View Maps for Business

KENMORE, WA | TAKEN: JUN. 24, 2017

Be Everywhere, Without Going Anywhere

High resolution overhead view of South Jordan, UT
Instantly, and that's the point – you've got a daunting workload, and are under constant pressure to work smarter and faster. High definition aerial photos help you do just that – multiply your efforts.
  • Inspect locations remotely to reduce site visits and risk
  • Scan entire neighborhoods, or miles of canals in minutes
  • Detect what's been built, remodeled or demolished

Rapidly Scale Operations

Aerial photo of Cleveland Clinic, Las Vegas, NV
You need consistent, reliable information to make informed business decisions. Nearmap photomaps deliver, and help accelerate your success. Streamline workflows, and reduce labor-intensive activities.
  • Proactively shift or add transportation routes as needed
  • Qualify more prospects per day, and with greater accuracy
  • Present vivid proposals that showcase your best work

Adapt on the Fly

Bridge construction in high definition, New York
Leave unnecessary, site-dependent operations in the dust. Now you can leverage the best aerial maps to better address customer needs, deliver lasting value, and effectively reinvent your process.
  • Confirm property details over the phone, in real time
  • Measure remotely, and order the right amount of material
  • Monitor and document long-term, large-scale projects

Mapping Reality as a Service

CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA

Nearmap captures urban US imagery multiple times per year, processes massive amounts of visual data, and uploads up-to-date aerial maps to the cloud within days. 

How? Powerful, patented imaging and processing technology. Our unique speed allows Nearmap to deliver high resolution aerial imagery as a service: orthographic (vertical) maps, multi-perspective panoramas, and oblique aerial views. Continuous innovation is key, as each advance unlocks greater detail, value and opportunity.

How Aerial View Maps Drive Business

Frequently Updated, Always Fresh
Frequently Updated, Always Fresh

"Recent" satellite images are often obsolete. Nearmap updates imagery multiple times per year so you can gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Aerial Maps Never Looked So Real
Aerial Maps Never Looked So Real

Amazing clarity, color and detail help you identify and accurately measure ground features with ease – and at 2.8" GSD, much clearer than the best satellite images.

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The Only Constant Is Change
The Only Constant Is Change

Detect change over time or monitor progress through our library of precisely georeferenced historical imagery.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere
Access Anytime, Anywhere

Instantly access high resolution aerial imagery from the cloud to your workstation or mobile device – and when you grow, we scale with your needs.

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Always High Quality
Always High Quality

Depend on quality, updated imagery to show accurate stories of truth on the ground.

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