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Aerial view of Wharton, NJ development, 22 July 2017

Aerial Property Views Power Roofing Estimation & Installs


Scan Neighborhoods for New Business

Discover new developments, or early land preparation to get your bid in the mix. Win new business, and proactively grow your market share. 

Accurately Order Roofing Material

Measure remotely, and order the optimal number of squares needed for the job. Accuracy counts, and you benefit from a healthier bottom line.

Easily Detect Damage or Needed Repairs

Readily identify blowoffs, cupping, or other roof damage the owners might not even know about themselves. Your diligence earns business, and may save them thousands of dollars over the long term.


Get Reliable, Detailed Aerial Views

Whether commercial or residential, get current clear views of property and roof conditions. Nearmap captures both leaf-off and leaf-on imagery throughout the year so you have a clear view of the property over time.

Resolution Matters

At under 7cm GSD (or over six times the typical resolution of satellite imagery) our maps show exactly what current conditions are on the ground.

Transform the Way You Roof

High-resolution maps improve roofing estimate speed and accuracy, reduce the number of costly site visits, and help to rapidly scale your business.


Prospect Remotely – Scan entire neighborhoods for new business in minutes


Visualize Fine Roof Detais – Clearly identify vents and other features


Qualify in Real Time – View the customer's roof while you're on the phone



Lower Material Costs – Order the correct number of squares for the job


Roofer's Coffee Shop * Limit one request per company. Subject to coverage area availability. Full Nearmap imagery plan details available here.

Instant Access Roofing Imagery 

Free satellite imagery like Google Earth has low image quality, and is often years out of date.  Our roofing images are frequently updated and instantly stream to your desktop or mobile device.

There's a lot of buzz around Drones, but for many they're too costly, complex, and can't scale business. 

Free Roof Image

Request one* crystal clear, current aerial roofing photo

If we’re off by a couple of hundred square feet, that’s real money. I don’t want my inspectors out on a 45˚ pitched roof, 40 feet in the air, on a 100˚ day, trying to snake a tape measure down the shingles, if they don’t have to be. Nearmap reduces the time it takes to do this, and the risk involved."

—Mark Craney, CEO, Authentic Restoration, LLC