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Rockport, TX damage to residential homes from Hurricane Harvey, Aug. 31, 2017

Aerial Pictures for Insurance Claim Management


Improve Customer Service & Your Bottom Line

It’s no longer a choice between policyholders and stockholders – serve both with transparency and trust.
Inspect and verify insurable truth on the ground with greater accuracy than even the best satellite map.

Perform Aerial Inspections

Power your underwriting process. Remote property assessment increases both your speed and agility. Reduce the number of costly site visits while getting a clearer overall picture through time. Conduct site inspections with detailed identification and precise aerial measurement of property features to dial in your valuation, all in a fraction of the time. Read the solution brief

Accurately Gauge Risk

With an historical imagery database referenced by exact place and time, your actuaries can better forecast future outlays and price policies accordingly. Scan entire neighborhoods in minutes to review change over time. Identify features or factors that impact future claims, all with greater clarity and recency than the most up to date satellite maps. See areas recently captured

Improve Visual Communication

Coordinate with colleagues departments. Actuaries, underwriters, agents and claims management all have clear aerial photos of property referenced by exact date and geolocation. You’re not just on the same page – you’re on the same view. Watch our on-demand webinars to learn more

Streamline Claim Management

Resolve customer inquiries in real time with instant access to current aerial imagery and to years’ past as well. Verify features and insurable damage remotely. Nearmap captures multiple aerial views per year so you have unparalleled oversight with your policyholder’s property for accurate before and after comparisons. Learn more about Nearmap products

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Extending Location Content Solutions

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What our customers are saying

We need the best information and as much information as we can get about these properties. Nearmap is invaluable in that regard because of how current and detailed their imagery is. If a property was torn down, I’m probably not going to be able to see that with satellite-based imagery.”

— Brian Garrison, Founder & President, Retail Valuation Services
Solar lead prospecting via Nearmap Aerial Imagery within mobile MapBrowser


View a current HD aerial map of your project.

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