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Current, high-res aerial imagery of New Orleans airport construction -- 12 December 2017

Aerial Photos for Architecture, Construction & Engineering


Plan Virtually, Execute Flawlessly

Your work truck became your office, and now you’re constantly rushing from one site to the next.
Park the truck, and free your management strength with remote aerial construction planning and oversight.

Plan Like a Boss

Land development site location has never been easier. Nearmap captures high-res aerial photos of major US metros multiple times per year and streams current imagery to the cloud within days. Get a clear view of the surroundings. Plan heavy vehicle access points and routes for minimal impact while assuring a steady, scheduled supply of construction material. Read the solution brief

Get Smart with Time

Stay well ahead of deadlines with better time management. How? Better oversight through virtual field visits with updated imagery, and fewer surprises from a more thorough knowledge of current ground conditions. That knowledge also stems from access to past aerial photos and a clear picture through time of what’s changed, and why. “Current” satellite images just aren’t timely enough to tell that kind of story. See areas recently captured

Reality Rocks

Design your masterwork within vivid context, and clearly communicate what your client's site may become. High quality maps bring imagination to life, and inspire you to exceed expectations in ways even best satellite images fail to accomplish. In the end, it’s your commitment and shared passion that carries the day and secures your future. Read how Nearmap 3D brings reality to you

Your Software Shines

Envision reality within AutoCAD or the ArcGIS Platform – the clearest aerial views and most accurate geolocation elevate your overlays and design layers to clearly communicate project potential and secure your client’s trust. PhotoMaps™ native integration with Esri and custom APIs erases the technical burden and brings new capability to your proven tools and creative environment. Watch our on-demand webinar

Just Right: Imagery as a Service

You need relevant imagery, and the newest satellite maps are often obsolete. Drone surveying has its place within commercial construction, but the high cost and complexity of UAV drone operations outweighs benefits. The right-sized solution is HD aerial maps from Nearmap – up to date, and instantly streamed as a service through the cloud to any workstation or device in your office or out in the field – powerful and portable. Learn more about Nearmap products

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Case Study

Case Study: Mike Stone Associates, Inc.

Mike Stone Associates

High-resolution aerial images reduced site visits by 5X
Read the Case Study
Oblique Aerial Photo of Construction in Mt. Juliet, TN - Feb. 2017

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I personally was looking at a site in Nearmap that had been surveyed just three weeks prior. I couldn’t believe it."

— Mike Cotreau, Senior Associate & Director of Design Technology, LANGAN
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