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Bradenton, Florida Swimming Pools - December 2017

Aerial Maps, Outdoor Pool Construction, Installation and Maintenance



Draw your rough in-ground pool design within minutes to quickly estimate both material and labor costs.  Aerial maps increase productivity in ways that most recent satellite maps simply can't.
Qualify and quote with greater speed than ever before


Estimate with greater speed & accuracy.

Speed your company's workflow, and deliver far more estimates per day. And while you're on the phone with potential clients, qualify them in real-time. 

  • Clarify client details, and start building a strong business relationship.
  • Remotely calculate coverage, material, and other costs.
  • Showcase your proposed design within stunning aerial imagery.
Make accurate aerial measurements with high-definition maps


Measure precise distance or area in seconds.

Whether you're using specialty software or scanning pool site locations within MapBrowser, high-definition aerial imagery lets you precisely measure distance, area, and more.

  • Web-based tools work with any connected device.
  • Select, drag and drop your points – add more as needed.
  • Do a quick estimate, or zoom farther in for even greater accuracy.
Instant cloud access to multi-view aerial imagery


Instantly stream to your desktop or mobile device.

Design or maintain outdoor pools with confidence. High-resolution oblique or vertical views allow you to plan and deliver your vision with accurate depth, scope and perspective.

  • View Vertical (top-down), Panorama (bird's eye) or Oblique imagery.
  • Browse current and historical photos to see change over time.
  • Contrast split-screen views from multiple aerial captures.
Lower the number of costly site visits with HD aerial imagery


Reduce risk, travel time and costly site visits.

Every moment on the road detracts from your bottom line, while crystal clear aerial imagery allows you to perform virtual visits with accurate measurements. So park the truck, and get to business!

  • Increase your own productivity, and your estimators' too.
  • Lower your mileage, vehicle expenses and insurance premiums.
  • Resolution is key – confirm details you previously had to verify in person.

See your next pool bid in HD.

Yes, let's do it.  Show me a high-res aerial view in MapBrowser.

Easily Find Locations

Type the building name, landmark, street or address – it's all at your fingertips. Predictive input looks ahead to anticipate what you're searching for, and helps to select the correct location. 

Get Down to Business

Accurately measure distance, radius, or even complex area (Nearmap Vertical). Swiftly determine structure height or width (Nearmap Oblique). Or use the View Tool (lower right) to overlay roads. Use the Text Tool to annotate your map (and yes, you can export your work).

Save & Share Your Map

Depending on your particular view (Vertical, Panorama, Oblique), download your current screen, or define a specific area for even higher resolutions (Nearmap Vertical). Finally, you can choose whether or not to include your measurements and annotations.

View Additional Location Information

Click the Location Tool, plant a pin, and view the street address (if available), lat/lon coordinates, and often more detail about the day and time of capture.

Interactive MapBrowser aerial contrast view of San Diego, CA pool construction -- June 2017 to February 2018
See Change Over Time

Immediately view the most current aerial imagery, or browse through the library of historical captures for your chosen location. Click the Split View button (center) to contrast between capture dates, and drag the screen separator left or right to reveal what has changed between them.

View from Multiple Perspectives

Choose the type of aerial imagery to display (Vertical, Panorama, Oblique – varies by plan) and if you wish to see a roads overlay. Click cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) to alter your view direction (Nearmap Panorama, Oblique) or spin the image to your desired perspective. Zoom in or out with your mouse (scroll) or keyboard (+,-).

Integrated Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) alongside MapBrowser

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