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Aerial view of Rest Area construction outside Mebane, NC -- 18 January 2019

Aerial Mapping for Transportation & Logistics


Accurate Imagery Fuels Logistics

Your Transportation Department is a well-oiled machine with many moving parts and dependencies.
Manage that complexity with current aerial maps at far greater resolution than high quality satellite images.

Track Every Asset

Define, monitor and analyze your array of field assets remotely, and with greater overall accuracy. Aerial asset management multiplies your effective reach, and allows better control over highways, parking lots, pavement markings, vehicles, and all your viewable infrastructure. "High quality" satellite images make identification of smaller pieces difficult at best. Nearmap resolution makes it happen, and helps you be everywhere you need to be from your desktop or mobile device. Read the solution brief

Proactively Manage Risk

Rapidly inspect large areas with a high definition aerial map view. Improve field team safety by lowering your overall number of site deployments. And when you do need to dispatch personnel, instantly access up-to-date aerial photos of the jobsite and potential hazards so they can more safely plan and execute repairs or new construction. When it comes to risk management, proactive safety is key. See areas recently captured

Communicate Detail

Knowledge is power, and with transportation logistics every detail matters. View and inventory small equipment remotely, so everything’s up-to-date and field teams can optimize the duty cycle of each resource. The benefit? Increased uptime with more timely preventive maintenance and fault intervention. Watch our on-demand webinar

Swiftly Adapt to Change

Precisely measure surface imperfections and monitor changing road conditions over time. Nearmap surveys multiple times per year and uploads current aerial imagery within days. Now you can dynamically shift priorities and deploy crews when and where they're needed. Simultaneously increase public safety and satisfaction with your core responsibilities. Learn more about Nearmap products

Power Your GIS Professionals

Access PhotoMaps™ natively within the ArcGIS Marketplace for seamless Esri integration. Now each data layer and overlay comes to life and communicates more effectively. When you've got to compete with other agencies or departments for ever-shrinking budgets, your standout proposal with clear and compelling imagery increases likelyhood of funding success. Learn more about our Esri integration

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Case Study

Case Study: Orange County Transportation Authority

Orange County Transportation Authority

Maintaining up-to-date inventories of sidewalks, bi-ways, and more
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Nearmap PhotoMaps in Lindy Paving's data collector application

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City of Apex, NC

What our customers are saying

Our ability to leverage our GIS operation improved dramatically with Nearmap. The flexibility of their cloud solution and ability to integrate with ArcGIS® has redefined how we rapidly respond to staff and citizen requests.”

—Steve Nelson, GISP, Apex, North Carolina
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Real Estate views of property within MapBrowser using Nearmap Aerial Imagery on an Apple iPad


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