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Oblique aerial view of neighborhood in Omaha, NE - 31 May 2017

Aerial Images Take Roofing to New Heights


Transform the Way You Roof

Rapidly scale your business through reliable, updated high resolution imagery.
Now roofing estimators can be everywhere without going anywhere.

Measure Roof Pitch and Area

Intuitive tools within MapBrowserTM make it easy. Complete detailed estimates in a fraction of the time, and order the optimal number of squares with confidence. When you know material costs with certainty, you can bid more competitively and win more business. View the Oblique Product Datasheet

Stay Off Your Ladder

Wasted time on roofs detracts from your bottom line. Prospect for new business remotely with an aerial view of properties. Conduct site inspections, take detailed roof measurements and create accurate quotes with better images than Google Earth—all at lower risk from your desktop. Read the solution brief

Keep Your Roofers Roofing

Whether you’re a force of one or have multiple teams in the field, virtual site visits with HD roof images save time and balance workflows. Qualify far more prospects per day, queue your jobs and benefit from better labor allocation. See areas recently captured

Identify Repair Opportunities

Scan entire neighborhoods in minutes with high resolution aerial maps. Take confidence with newer roof images than an updated satellite map.  See what needs repair, and get the jump on your competition. Watch our on-demand webinar

Increase Profitability and Satisfaction

Optimize returns by accurately planning tear-off, material and labor needs. Visually engage your customers with recent aerial photos of their home. Enhance each step of their replacement or repair process. Build loyalty and earn referral business. Learn more about Nearmap products

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Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools
Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery & Web-based Tools

White Paper

4 Simple Tips to Save Time & Money on Site Visits

4 Simple Tips to Save Time & Money on Site Visits

A guide for boosting business productivity with aerial imagery
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What our customers are saying

If we’re off by a couple of hundred square feet, that’s real money. I don’t want my inspectors out on a 45˚ pitched roof, 40 feet in the air, on a 100˚ day, trying to snake a tape measure down the shingles, if they don’t have to be. Nearmap reduces the time it takes to do this, and the risk involved.”

—Mark Craney, CEO, Authentic Restoration, LLC
Real Estate views of property within MapBrowser using Nearmap Aerial Imagery on an Apple iPad


View a current HD aerial map of your project.

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