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Oblique aerial view of Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN, 13 May 2017

Oblique Aerial Imagery, Photo Measurement Tool


Nearmap Oblique

Visual data is the lifeblood of accurate site inspection and assessment. You need to measure and verify remote location data quickly and efficiently. Reliable, up-to-date data helps rapidly scale operations, and multiply workforce productivity.

Nearmap Oblique™ gives commercial businesses and municipal governments instant access to high-resolution photogrammetry and multi-perspective aerial views of urban areas in the US. Precisely measure units or features like roof pitch, area, structure height or width – all in three dimensions. View both seamless mosaics and indexed source photography.

Each Nearmap Oblique™ subscription includes access to Nearmap Oblique, Nearmap Panorama, Nearmap Vertical, and MapBrowser™, a web-based application for searching and navigating Nearmap’s library of current and historical aerial photos. MapBrowser includes powerful, intuitive tools for measuring, designing, and analyzing locations.

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Using Nearmap, we can now denote and accurately appraise properties clearly distinguishing property features. With the level of clarity we have using Nearmap imagery, it’s very easy to tell what’s in the backyard. The exact same approach applies to outbuildings, porches, roofs and other attributes of properties that make a difference in property value.

—Scott Griscom, Assistant Chief Appraiser, Bexar County

Solar lead prospecting via Nearmap Aerial Imagery within mobile MapBrowser

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