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Overhead Imagery, Orthographic View


Nearmap Vertical

Your job requires a detailed view of truth on the ground with minimal impact on your day. You need to be on-site without walking every square foot and wasting hours in travel time. Efficiency is the key to rapidly growing your business.

Nearmap Vertical™ gives commercial businesses and municipal governments instant access to current, high-resolution aerial imagery of urban areas in the US – allowing you to be everywhere without going anywhere. Our crystal clear photo maps are more detailed than free satellite images, and provide a true nadir view of worksites so you can inspect locations remotely, identify and target new business, estimate and quote with accuracy, and monitor change over time. 

Each Nearmap Vertical™ subscription includes access to MapBrowser™, a web-based application for searching and navigating Nearmap’s library of current and historical aerial photos. MapBrowser includes powerful, intuitive tools for measuring, designing, and analyzing locations.

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Nearmap helps us be much more efficient as we prepare to visit a site. Before Nearmap, almost half of the sites we visited had out-of-date aerials. The growth in the area has been so fast that Nearmap helps us keep up with the changes in a developing area.

—Austin Alvis, Broker, NewQuest Properties, Inc.

Solar lead prospecting via Nearmap Aerial Imagery within mobile MapBrowser

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