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3D textured mesh view of Seattle, WA -- August 2018

3D Aerial Data: True Ortho, Textured Mesh, Digital Surface Model (DSM), and Point Cloud


Nearmap 3D

Rich, repeatable 3D datasets provide unparalleled detail and flexibility. Imagine working with a plug-and-play, wide-scale 3D reality model that gives you an instant, up-to-date picture of the truth on the ground. That's Nearmap 3D. And because we own our sensor and processing technology, we can deliver more affordably.

A true, unbiased 3D data layer has the power to replace hundreds of other disparate data sets, and is the foundation on which other data can be anchored. Next-generation Textured Mesh, Point Cloud, DSM, and True Ortho data gives businesses and government agencies unparalleled access to massive-scale reality capture and high-resolution 3D reconstruction in digital-ready forms that integrate readily with leading analysis and design platforms. 

Our patented camera systems capture each point on the ground multiple times, generating an extraordinarily rich data set from which to model the real world. We then feed these images into our proprietary processing software, producing comprehensive, up-to-date 3D representations and rich location intelligence. Likewise, Nearmap DSM delivers an accurate, up-to-date elevation data set representing surface objects above bare terrain.

3D Textured Mesh, DSM, and Point Cloud Data from Nearmap
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The most important aspects of aerial maps to our work is that they be up-to-date and highly detailed. Nearmap imagery improves our overall process by giving us accurate data that we can integrate right into engineered drawings.

—Dana Rausch, 3D Visualization Artist/Animator, HNTB Corporation

Engineering within MapBrowser with Nearmap Aerial Imagery

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