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Multi-perspective aerial photo of Holiday Inn - Baton Rouge, LA, 7 Sept. 2017

Bird's Eye View, Panoramic Photography


Nearmap Panorama

First impressions matter. Your clients need realistic visuals and accurate perspective of your plan, but their worksite and its surroundings are complex. Your team is constantly trying to balance time on-site with critical business goals. Gain and maintain a competitive advantage with actionable, compelling visuals.

Nearmap Panorama™ gives commercial businesses and municipal governments instant access to high-resolution, multi-perspective aerial views of urban areas in the US – allowing you to be everywhere without going anywhere. Our panoramic aerial imagery provides an ultra-clear bird’s eye view of locations from each cardinal direction. With uninterrupted pan and zoom capabilities, Nearmap Panorama allows you to visualize reality, create stunning proposals, inspect remotely, and analyze detailed ground features.

Each Nearmap Panorama™ subscription includes access to Nearmap Vertical, our high-resolution ortho imagery, along with MapBrowser™, a web-based application for searching and navigating Nearmap’s library of current and historical aerial photos. MapBrowser includes powerful, intuitive tools for measuring, designing, and analyzing locations.

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Nearmap lets our brokers get up close and personal and see the sites in a much different light. Now we have the option to pull in Nearmap to give the brokers exactly what they are looking for. Having Nearmap in our tool belt has allowed us to really meet the broker’s needs.

—Bryan Chandler, GIS Manager, The Shopping Center Group

Construction management with oblique views and measurement within MapBrowser

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