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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, 14 September 2017

Aerial Imagery Products


High Resolution Mapping as a Service

Welcome to the cloud. Nearmap captures, manages, and delivers high-res aerial imagery of the urban US multiple times per year, and streams HD quality photo maps instantly to your desktop or mobile device.

Overhead view of Laguna Beach, CA - June 2017

Nearmap Vertical

Don't settle for satellite imagery. Crystal clear overhead views let you focus on productivity by reducing the time and costs of site visits. Nearmap Vertical™ provides commercial businesses and municipal governments instant access to current, high-resolution aerial imagery of urban areas in the US, allowing you to be everywhere without going anywhere.
Oblique photogrammetry of neighborhood in Baltimore, MD - Oct. 2017

Nearmap Oblique

Reliable, up-to-date data makes all the difference for accurate assessment and inpsection. High-resolution, multi-perspective photogrammetry rapidly scales operations, and multiplies workforce productivity. Nearmap Oblique™ provides an ultra-clear bird’s eye view of locations, allowing professionals to precisely measure locations and features in three dimensions.
University of Washington -- Husky Field and the Experience Music Project

Nearmap 3D

Get a running start on planning, detailed analysis, and design concepts with engineering-ready 3D imagery. Truly immersive Nearmap 3D empowers industry and government to improve public safety and enhance stakeholder collaboration. Confidently build the cities of the future based on current, clear, comprehensive location intelligence.

What our customers are saying

Because of the resolution of Nearmap, we’re able to efficiently complete the change analysis and deliver timely, accurate billing to our ratepayers. If we had to rely on other sources of imagery, which are not available in a timely manner, we simply could not get the job done.

—Jeff Duke, Manager of GIS Services, NEORSD

Solar lead prospecting via Nearmap Aerial Imagery within mobile MapBrowser


View a current HD aerial map of your project.

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