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Nearmap Case Studies
  • Laguna Beach, CA
  • Captured: April 9, 2018


Highpoint Engineering

Enhanced land development proposals, project plans, and communications with HD aerial images

Momentum Solar

Increased rate and accuracy of qualifying Solar prospects by 2X with timely high-resolution imagery

Hydromax USA

Dramatically improved accuracy of data collection and analysis

Mike Stone Associates

Reduced site visits by 5X using Nearmap's high-resolution PhotoMaps™ in ArcMap from Esri.

City of Apex, NC

Smarter, more efficient urban planning that yields time savings, financial return, and better service for the community

Authentic Restoration

10X cost reduction by reducing site visits through remote access to high-resolution imagery


Cloud-based images 5X more up-to-date than imagery from custom surveys with no need for IT resources

City of Grapevine, TX

Agile transportation and emergency response planning with current, high-resolution imagery and GIS data

Orange County Transit Authority

High-resolution, timely images of sidewalk and bi-way inventories with zero incremental IT cost

Retail Valuation Services

Sharp images and historical time-series data drive more business from accurate appraisals & more satisfied clients

Hillsborough County Property Appraiser

Accurate desktop property assessment results in decreasing appeals, reduced operating costs and fewer site visits

Blue Raven Solar

Increased volume of estimates for solar panel installation 8X with signifcant cost and time savings using high resolution, accurate and timely imagery

What our customers are saying

“I was personally looking at a site in Nearmap that had been surveyed just three weeks prior. I couldn’t believe it. As consultants, we need to have the latest and greatest—especially, if site conditions have changed. We need to be aware so we can show people what has changed.”
Mike Cotreau, Senior Associate & Director of Design Technology, Langan Engineering
“We have since implemented Nearmap and received positive feedback from the county staff. The imagery is up-to-date, clear and accessible, empowering staff to better perform work from their desk, saving time and money.”
Brian Bolduc, GIS Administrator, Clark County, Nevada
“We need the best information and as much information as we can get about these properties. Nearmap is invaluable in that regard because of how current and detailed their imagery is. If a property was sold and torn down, I’m probably not going to be able to see that with satellite-based imagery.”
Brian Garrison, Founder & President, Retail Valuation Services

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